Out-of-school care facility Jump-Inn Hilversumse Meent

Out-of-school care facility Jump-Inn in Hilversum offers care for children between 4 and 12 years old.

BSO Jump-Inn is located in the building at De Gooise Daltonschool and Jenaplanschool De Sterrenwachter. Because we are in the building of the primary schools we simply pick up your child from the classroom after school, and walk them to our classrooms.

In addition to the gym, library, and our premises, we also make extensive use of the many outdoor spaces around our building. We like to play on one of the 3 schoolyards, organize a big game on the central square (Wieltjesplein), or take the children on a nature adventure in the park, where we take the children to the petting zoo, play games on the hill, play football on the park’s field, or simply explor the nature..

BSO Jump-Inn is located in the district ‘De Hilversumse Meent’. This friendly and pleasant neighborhood is located just outside Hilversum and next to Bussum.

Rates for out-of-school care in Hilversum

The prices below include food, drinks and other supplies for the care of your child.

Tarieven Jump-Inn HilversumUurtarief 2020*
Naschoolse opvang 40 schoolweken (ma, di en do + vrij bovenbouw)€ 8,35
Naschoolse opvang 40 schoolweken (woe en vrij) vrijdag onderbouw€ 8,35
Naschoolse opvang incl. 12 vakantieweken (ma, di en do + vrijdag bovenbouw)€ 7,57
Naschoolse opvang incl. 12 vakantieweken (woe onder en bovenbouw en vrij onderbouw)€ 7,57
12 vakantie weken van 08.30-18,30€ 7,61
Voorschoolse opvang 2uur vanaf 06.30 tot 08.30€ 8,63

* Study days are not included. These are invoiced separately and can be requested separately.

Calculate allowance

You can calculate the monthly costs for the care of your child on based of the desired number of hours, the hourly rate and the childcare allowance that you receive from the Tax Authorities. You can calculate your allowance on the website of the tax authorities.

Visit our after-school care in Hilversum.

Come and visit us to experience the atmosphere! You can reach location manager Marloes Verhaar via the telephone number  06-26461862 to schedule an appointment. If you want to register your child, you can fill in this BSO requirements form. As soon as we have received this form, Marloes will contact you by telephone to review the contents of the form, so that we can process your data as quickly as possible.

Vuurvlindermeent 58
1218GZ Hilversum




Maandag VSO 06:30 - 08:30 uur BSO 14.45 - 18:30 uur
Dinsdag VSO 06:30 - 08:30 uur BSO 14.45 - 18:30 uur
Woensdag VSO 06:30 - 08:30 uur BSO 12:15 - 18:30 uur
Donderdag VSO 06:30 - 08:30 uur BSO 14:45 - 18:30 uur
Vrijdag VSO 06:30 - 08:30 uur BSO 12.15 - 18:30 uur

Marloes Verhaar


GGD rapport
LRKP nummer: 804325650