Policy out-of-school care Jump-Inn

The Jump-Inn out-of-school care, BSO. stand for professional child care with ample individual attention for your child.

By nature, children are curious, full of energy, eager to learn and discover many different things, and we prioritize this energy. That is why our mission is to give children the opportunity to grow and develop themselves into individuals with their own talents and interests.

Our activities, materials, and spaces are all designed with the goal of encouraging the children to learn and discover in a playful way.

When it comes to the education and care of your child, we see ourselves as partners. Our working methods aim always to be as coordinated as possible with your parenting methods.

Our general pedagogical policy is based on four development goals:

• Providing emotional safety for the child

• Providing opportunities for the children to develop personal competencies

• Providing opportunities for children to develop social competences

• Transfer of values ??and standards

We also work in accordance to various health/safety protocols and guidelines from the Childcare Act. All policy can be viewed at the locations.

In addition to the development of children, we consider the development of our employees to be very important. We offer them annual training in the areas of pedagogy, company emergency, safety and child first aid.

Additonally, all employees will be coached from 1 January 2019 in their pedagogical activities by our HBO pedagogical coach.

Sports and outings BSO

We use a number of multifunctional spaces at Sport club KDO, among others, including the schools themselves.

One of Jump-Inn’s unique qualities is the sports program that is offered in addition to the regular day-care activities. Over the years we have tailored a sports program to all different ages and contributes to the balanced development of ‘our’ children.

The sports activities are accompanied by an enthusiastic pedagogical staff supported by trainees from the ROC “Sport and movement” level 3. In addition to sport, there is ample opportunity for free play, crafts, outdoor games, and extra activities such as cooking. We even organize trips and activities during the school holidays. Off-School Care Jump-Inn has all necessary municipal permits and meets all legal requirements for childcare. These can be found in the inspection report on the website of the national Register for Childcare.

Working together with the primary school

We think good cooperation with the primary school is of great importance. Continuity between BSO and school helps foster trust and security for your child, and so we maintain short lines with the teachers and keep each other informed about the ups and downs of your child.

For our toddlers at our nurseries, it is nice to be taken care of near or in primary school. They learn the (school) environment and the BSO in advance. As a result, there is more regular consultation between childcare and primary school. This creates a continuous line in the development of the children, and the transition from childcare to primary school will be as small as possible.

If you have a child at both the BSO and all day care, it is easier if all the childcare is arranged centrally around the primary school.