Register and post out-of-school care:

The location manager is responsible for the placement of your child (ren) at the location of your choice. She is available to give guided tours (upon request by phone or email) as well as to answer any questions regarding reception, rates, waiting lists, etc.

Registration of out-of-school care:

If you would like to register your child, you can fill in this BSO requirements form (is the form attached?), which is to be mailed to the manager of your preferred location. Once we have received this form, the location manager will contact you by telephone to review the contents of the form, so that we can process your data as quickly as possible.

If there is space available at your requested location, the customer service department will write up a contract using the information provided in your request form. The placement becomes final as soon as the contract is signed and returned. The contract must be returned within ten days. The issuing of an authorization for direct debit is mandatory.

After signing the contract, the location manager at your branch will contact you and an appointment will be made for the intake interview with your child’s mentor.

After signing the contract, a notice period of 1 month begins.